Summer: A Time for Travel, Home Projects, and Relaxation

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The freedom of summer travel has always called to me, and this month, we’re helping you sneak more of it into your life. Our weekend getaways are no more than a few hours from Prince William and offer unique destinations to help you escape and unwind. And don’t miss our best tips for
traveling with kids in our Family Fun section!

Looking for a spot a little closer to relax and enjoy yourself? Try the Cock and Bowl Belgian Bistro in Occoquan to relish some delicious Belgian cuisine and check out their extensive selection of Belgian beers.

Perhaps home is your focus this summer. In Home and Hearth, you’ll find great ways to upgrade your home while downgrading your energy usage. Health and Wellness looks at neck and back health this month, with a focus on how your work-from-home setup may be affecting you physically.

Whether in the news or among friends, it seems we’re always hearing about identity theft and credit fraud these days. From creating safe passwords to enabling two-step authentication, our expert shares his best tips for keeping your finances safe online in this month’s Your Finances article. And brush up on your finance basics with course suggestions in Lifelong Learning.

The pandemic has been a challenging time for many. But through the darkness has come a great deal of light. One of those bright lights is a group of people from Prince William’s Trillium Center, who came together and created a workbook titled Hope Awakened designed to help those who have survived a suicide attempt. Read about their impactful and unique efforts in On a High Note.

Giving Back brings you the story of Future Kings. This nonprofit is working “to use education, mentoring, training, practical experiences, and mastery of 21st century technology in order to create a pipeline of young men from underserved communities who excel in STEM related careers and positively influence their

Soak in the summer. Find some time to sit back and relax. And as always, thanks for reading.

All the best,
Rebecca Barnes


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