Summer Camps at Manassas Park Community Center

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By Carole Keily

For over twenty years, the City of Manassas Park has offered summer camps. They were originally started to provide care for children when school was out. Today, the Manassas Park Community Center Summer Camps are theme-based camps, providing children a variety of fun recreational activities, such as arts and crafts, food projects, games, etc.  The aim is to meet the interests of the children by offering general themed camps as well as athletic camps.

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of campers, parents are required to sign their children in and out, said Sue Jurjevic, Senior Recreation Specialist at the Manassas Park Community Center. “There is a health and contact information form required prior to any camper starting camps. Campers will only be in their group throughout the day.” The staff to camper ratio is maintained at 1:10/Preschool Camps and 1:18/School Age, Athletics, and Teen Camps.

This is the first job for some of those staff members. Jurjevic says that a training week is provided, along with CPR/First Aid training. Shadow training takes place prior to someone being scheduled on their own as a leader or aide.

Some of the more popular camps are cooking, drama, storybook themed camps, and sports camps. The children also enjoy swimming, playing games – and especially being with and making new friends.

Campers are encouraged to make new friends and build social skills through camp meetings, where they share both what they have learned and what they’re looking forward to learning. Activities and group games also help achieve this goal, according to Jurjevic.

With each camp theme, staff incorporates the opportunity for children to learn new skills and try new things. Special events include a performance for On Broadway camp, and the children get to go swimming weekly.

Feedback from parents is important. Jurjevic said, “We have received a great deal of good responses on how well their children have enjoyed camps. It is also nice to know they enjoy it when their children attend throughout the years as they go from preschool, school age and to now teen camps.”

Looking to the future, Jurjevic said, “We are looking to incorporate more community involvement by offering stem camps, as well as incorporating fieldtrips for a greater opportunity for children to learn, grow and explore their community.”

For more information, call the Manassas Park Community Center at 703-335-8872.


Carole Keily is Prince William Living‘s Online Editor.




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