Summer Escape Plans — Perfectly Packed

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by Roxy Rowton

Summer — the season that hallmarks going places for relaxation or recreation. Our excitement level tends to swell with travel plans to get away, to escape, to get some downtime. The questions of what to pack, what to bring, and what to wear to happily balance style with travel are conundrums that rapidly swing the pleasure pendulum from high to low. Packing for a summer escape is complicated by multiple time zones, contrasting climates, variations in geographical destinations, and a mixed bag of leisurely amusements calling for casual beach-side chic to glam after-hour entertainment.

A well-edited travel wardrobe can emerge from a thoughtful plan to eliminate the packing mentality barriers of reducing the size of the closet to a mere luggage bag and attaining personal equilibrium with fashion and recreational pursuits:

  1. Soft fabrications, charming details, and relaxed ease are the perfect companions to enlist in the packing of the travel bag.
  2. A complimentary color palette of two to three hues will adapt to most warm-weather destinations.
  3. Basic wardrobe staples mixed and combined with several statement pieces can easily navigate active adventures or leisurely amusements.
  4. Layering is a good rule of thumb to guide what items make the packing list. Feather-weight layering pieces to keep contrasting climate fluctuations at bay.
  5. Simplify the quantity of the travel wardrobe by an assortment of pulled-together items for multiple outfit options.

Summer Packing Faves

Allot an afternoon a week or two prior to the departure of your summer escape to cull and assemble your travel wardrobe. Lay out items to check for outfit coordinations and color combinations. Try on pieces and ensembles to ensure fit. Edit and adjust items/outfits accordingly. Document a complete packing list and write-out travel wardrobe charts. Make duplicate copies — one copy for your luggage and  another copy to remain at home in the event your luggage is lost or stolen.

Questions to contemplate when culling clothes to pack:  How much room will it take up in my luggage?  Does it coordinate with other items I am bringing?  Can it be dressed up for evening and dressed down for day?  Can I wash it by hand if needed?  Can I wear it more than once?  Does it resist wrinkling?  Will it not show dirt easily?  Can it adjust to fluctuating temperatures or climate changes?

Packing for summer vacation doesn’t have to be complicated. With a thoughtful plan and a few preparations you can pack a bag to relax and enjoy your summer escape.

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