Supervisor Principi Hosts Bike to Work Day Pit Stop

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bike WOODBRIDGE, VA… Today, Supervisor Frank J. Principi hosted a Bike to Work Day pit stop at the Woodbridge VRE station. “I enjoy hosting this annual event,” said Supervisor Principi. “The goal is to get commuters to ride their bike to the train station to help promote a healthier lifestyle and ease traffic congestion.”

Biking is becoming the preferred method of transportation for many people. One of the most important aspects of the vision of a New Woodbridge is the creation of a safe pedestrian and bicycle network that allows residents to walk or bike to shopping areas, schools, church, work, and recreational activities. The network will reduce cars on the road, increase pedestrian safety, increase business sales through foot traffic, and promote the health of the community.

In the fall of 2012, transportation and planning experts from local and state government attended a Pedestrian Network work session to identify gaps in sidewalks or trails along major roadways leading to business, retail, residential and recreation destination points in the Woodbridge District. A total of 31 segments and 4 crosswalks were identified.

Sidewalk gaps were prioritized according to safety factors and connectivity to schools, parks, retail, and transit centers. In both Route 1 widening projects currently underway, a sidewalk is included on the east side of Route 1 and a multi-use asphalt path is included on the west side of Route 1. The following list of identified gaps show the top priorities:

Route 1 at Powell’s Creek Bridge ($710K)

Dale Boulevard from Neabsco Mills Road across Route 1 and along Rippon Boulevard ($1.8M)

Opitz Boulevard from the Wawa to Neabsco Mills Road ($1.5M)

Blackburn Road from Rippon Boulevard to the Cow Branch Bridge ($500K)

Blackburn Road from Reddy Drive to Featherstone Road ($600K)

“We have been working hard to identify gaps and find funding from multiple revenue streams to build out the pedestrian and bicycle network,” said Supervisor Principi. Funding has been secured for three projects so far. A Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments grant will help construct a pedestrian footbridge on Route 1 at Powell’s Creek. The Prince William County Route 1 widening project amended its design to include a sidewalk and crosswalk along Dale Blvd and Rippon Blvd, and a nearby residential development proffered the sidewalk on Opitz Boulevard from Mason Creek Circle to the Potomac Library. Additionally, improvements are being made to the crosswalk at Optiz Boulevard and Montgomery Avenue and a new crosswalk is being installed at River Ridge Boulevard and Route 1 later this summer.

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