Sustainability Acknowledgements

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Provided by PWC Board of Supervisors Chair Ann Wheeler’s Office

The PWC Government and PWC Service Authority have been named Virginia Environmental Excellence Program (VEEP) 2023 Sustainability Partners by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. They are two of only nine entities given the title. The summaries below describe programs implemented that earned them the recognition.

PWC Government

Made installation of bottle filling stations standard with over two million bottles being saved over the course of the last seven years. Also, at a County level,:

  • All plant-based garden spaces are 75% native species or higher.
  • Vegetable gardens and fruit trees have been planted at fire stations, where staff “live” and eat around the clock, to make sites more self-sufficient and reduce purchasing needs.
  • The Balls Ford Compost facility has been funded for major advances in food waste composting and educational installations.
  • A Sustainability Manager was hired in 2022 and has been engaging the public, environmental partners, and local businesses in a resiliency plan.

The PWC Service Authority

Educates nearly 10,000 students per year through the H2Go Kids Online Learning Hub. It uses pre-recorded and live virtual presentations as well as worksheets, comics, experiments, and more to teach students about the importance of water as a vital resource.

PWC Water Quality Reports

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires all water utilities to produce annual water quality reports that convey important information and characteristics about the water they provide to their customers. To view the 2023 water quality report for your service area, please select the hyperlinked report below that corresponds to your account location.


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