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Answer to Diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injury May Be in Our Mouths

By Christopher Leet, MD, FACC Emeritus With the warmer months comes increased physical activity and participation in sports. Unfortunately, concussion is a concern many parents may have when their young athletes head onto the game field. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI), caused from a blow or jolt to the head or body or another injury that causes the brain to shake or jar inside …

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Keep “Prince William Living”

Growing up, I was allergic to anything derived from a bean or legumes. Not that I missed eating peas or green beans, but coffee, chocolate, peanut butter, cola and anything with soy was strictly off limits. Back then, these types of limitations made dining at restaurants difficult, if not impossible. Fast forward to 2014, and, with education, food labeling and …

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My Heart Just Skipped. Am I Going to Die?

By Christopher Leet, MD, FACC Emeritus Palpitations is a common complaint. Technically, the term refers to any feeling of thumping in the chest. Although it can be disconcerting, sometimes it is nothing more than a muscle twitch. Other times it may be a disturbance in the electric rhythm within the heart itself. The best way to tell is to feel …

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Snoring: More than an Annoyance

By Dr. Christopher Leet, MD, FACC Emeritus Almost everyone has experienced snoring at some point in their lives, either in themselves or a partner. Mostly, it is treated as an annoyance. However, it can be a harbinger of serious underlying problems, leading to sleep disturbance, low work productivity, heart attack and even death. Snoring is commonly a problem of overweight individuals, although …

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