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Minnieland Academy VP Discusses Innovative Child Care Practices at Chinese Education Forums

Provided by the Minnieland Academy Dr. Rosemary Burton, Vice President of Education for Minnieland Academy recently spent several weeks working with an organization that is bringing western curriculum practices to Chinese children and families. The Chinese government is looking at the successful practices in education in America and is encouraging western experts to provide training to Chinese teachers in preschool programs. Dr. Burton has traveled to China three times in the past three years. During this trip she visited preschools in Beijing and in Xi’an where she presented in front of several hundred parents who were very interested in providing their children with the best possible education models that encourage creativity, innovation and problem solving. The American preschool model characterized by Developmentally Appropriate Practice, as established at Minnieland, is one that is valued by these parents who attended in great numbers to learn about this opportunity for their children. Parents in China have been limited to one child per family; therefore, the educational success of their one child is a life goal of Chinese families that takes precedence over every other family priority. Dr. Burton also conducted multiple trainings for teachers during her three weeks visiting two major cities, including Beijing, the current capital, and its historic capital in Xi’an, a city known for its Terra Cotta warriors and rich history that dates back more than 4000…