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Answering the Call: First Responders of Greater Prince William

By Helena Tavares Kennedy By definition, a “Certified First Responder” is somebody who has completed an intense certification in pre-hospital care—how to quickly assess emergency situations, call an ambulance and administer first aid. This may include postal workers, school bus drivers and manufacturers. However, when most of us refer to first responders, we are thinking of the men and women who respond to our emergency calls, the …

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A Moment of Thanks: Our First Responders

Often, we think of emergencies as things that happen to “other people.” And who can blame us? It would be hard to enjoy life preoccupied with what could go wrong. Still, a little preparation can pay big. Even commonplace events such as storm damage can knock us off track if we aren’t ready. Luckily, September is National Preparedness Month, so you’ll have plenty of reminders to …

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Checklist: Preparing Your Home and Family for an Emergency

(StatePoint) You can’t predict the future, but you can feel more confident in your ability to face unforeseen emergencies if you prepare your home and family ahead of time. Planning for all kinds of scenarios is crucial, say experts. “In the event of an emergency, a well-thought out emergency plan can eliminate stress, limit confusion and save a great deal …

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