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“Dialogue with Abstraction: My Journey” Artist Reception

“Dialogue with Abstraction” by Cheryl Wilson offers paintings that use versatility of acrylic, resin and mixed media to blend color, use pure pigment, expressive drips and marks to stir feeling and emotion in the viewer. Each has four to five layers of paint, pastels, resin and charcoal, often incorporating found objects. Exhibit from Sept. 4-30. Meet the Artist Reception Sept. 9, 1:00-4:00 …

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Three Reasons to Paint Your Home Now

By David Funk Everyone who owns a home could certainly think of several reasons why they do not want to paint, whether it’s a time issue, a lack of skills or a financial constraint. But here are three reasons why you really should consider painting your home right now. 1. Curb appeal: Painting your home helps to increase its curb …

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Restore, Reimagine, Rejuvenate with Clean, Healthy Paints

By Niki VanEch As the queen of dumpster dives and curbside pick‐ups for the coveted junk piece of furniture, I have been repurposing furniture for years and, I might add, imposing plenty of risk to my health. My refinishing projects have included scraping off lead-based paints and applying strippers and paints laden with VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with little awareness of the inherent risks to my health and the environment. Today …

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