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Create Your Content Strategy Like the Pros

Your Words Mean Business, content strategy, marketing

By Erin Pittman You already know the key components of a content strategy, and no doubt you’ve done your research. With all of those considerations in mind, it’s time to get down to business. This means creating your editorial calendar and building out your plans. List all the topics. This means everything you possibly could want to share about your …

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Want to be Heard? Choose the Right Word

By All Things Writing, LLC Language is complex. Words have definitions, connotations, history and context. No wonder it’s so easy to misrepresent something or someone in writing – and no wonder this could make a huge impact on your business. Whether you’re writing an email, a press release, a report or a social media blurb, your ability to choose the …

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Why You Should Worry About Content Marketing

By All Things Writing, LLC Content marketing. You might have heard the term once, or twice…or fifty-seven times. You might have a good idea of what the term means, too. Creating and sharing material without directly promoting a brand – but still generating interest in products or services – isn’t a new idea. In fact, content marketing has been around …

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Three Ways to Get Your Business Known (and Show off Your Writing Skills)

By All Things Writing, LLC You know you should be on social media, sending regular marketing communications and tapping into paid advertising, but do you ever feel that there is more you can do? Are there some less-traveled avenues you could dip into to make a measurable impact? If you’ve been thinking along these lines, your instincts are right. Here …

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No Matter Your Business, Words Are Your Business

By All Things Writing, LLC Virtually everyone in the working world has had the experience of sitting down to write something, only to crumble at the thought of someone else reading it. Conversely, most everyone has dashed off a chat message, social media post or something else without thinking twice, then regretted it. One marks a brain block, the other, …

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