Take Heart

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It’s been more than 10 years since the Great Recession. And I am certain that most of us say good riddance to that kind of economic downturn. In the decade since, how has Prince William County changed? Ashley Claire Simpson’s cover story, “Progress Since the Great Recession” gets views from both political parties who serve on the county Board of Supervisors. Read more if you are interested in what kind of growth the county has seen in 10 years.

Growing up, my family had three dogs we counted as family. During my 27-year marriage, my family has counted four dogs as family. We can’t imagine our family without our current Airedale Terriers, Henry and Sydney. If pets are your passion or you are considering adopting one, look no further than this month’s Giving Back, “Prince William Humane Society Goes to the Dogs and Cats.” Our writer Amy Taylor tells us
about this worthy nonprofit and how it impacts our community.

Doing double duty this month, Amy Taylor also visited the Harbour Grille and extols its food offerings and introduces us to its new owners. For more on their story and the yummy gastric offerings, read our Local Flavor “New Owners Have Emotional Ties to the Harbour Grille.”

Writer Helena Tavares Kennedy is back with this month’s On a High Note in which she profiles local singer Rayanne Gonzales. If you like your musicians a little quirky and with much talent, then read her article “From Operatic to Comical, Local Singer Rayanne Gonzales Lights Up the Stage.”

My mother died of congestive heart failure (CHF) in 2002 at age 76. My father is currently dying from lung cancer, but his condition is exacerbated by CHF. Both of my parents did not have to suffer from CHF if they had made better food choices and chose to exercise. My parents are the reason that I exercise frequently and make better food choices than they did. Heart disease is the number one killer of African-American and white women, according to the Centers for Disease Control. February is heart month as our Health and Wellness column reminds us. Do you know your heart health? If not, schedule your annual check-up.

Kim Howard, CAE
Editor in Chief


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