Tamponathon Donates Feminine Hygiene Products to Local Shelters and Schools

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Provided by Imagine

The Tamponathon is back! The second annual drive for feminine hygiene products will run from Sept. 1 – 15, with donations going to shelters and schools in Prince William County and Manassas. Last year, the Tamponathon greatly exceeded the initial goal of 3,000 donations, collecting and distributing over 9,000 products for nonprofit organizations such as Sacred Heart in Manassas, St. Francis House in Dumfries and the Good News Community Kitchen in Occoquan, along with a number of local schools.

When Tamponathon founder and lead coordinator Emma Young learned about homeless women using unsanitary alternatives to feminine hygiene products, she decided to take action and start a drive that would alleviate those struggles for local women in need. An abundance of donations led her to bring products to area schools, where she realized there was even more need.

“We had so much product that we began distributing to middle schools and high schools in the area and found an area of huge need,” said Young. “Young women and youth in need often do not have the resources available to get feminine hygiene products themselves. During school hours, they may visit the clinic, however, the school system does not have the funding to supply them beyond school hours, nor do they have enough funding to supply high quality product. Those who donated to the Tamponathon ensured this underserved population received the quality health and hygiene products they need. I’m so very grateful we had so many donate and in such numbers that we were able to reach out to schools and understand this not-widely known need,” Young said.

“All women deserve to have this basic need met but, for some, the cost of feminine hygiene products is a luxury,” said Montclair Property Owners Association President Tracy Hansen, as she recalled the thousands of products donated by the Montclair Moms community group last year. “Events like the Tamponathon ensure that all women are provided with basic human dignity.”

“This cause is one we all can support,” noted Linda Cheng-Kahn, founder of the Montclair Moms group. “As a Community Women’s Group, Montclair Moms have always rallied to support causes and one another. As women, and mothers, we all have some experience in this arena and the simple act of donating can help immensely.”

Kevin Seiger-Cottoms was the first to donate to the Tamponathon last year. His work with KC’s Learning Institute has connected him with local students and the community, which is why he sympathized with the cause and jumped in to help. Other notable donors from last year included Imagine, Inc. who gave over 1,500 products, as well as designed the logo and provided marketing support. This year, Imagine, Inc. is continuing these efforts with a new logo and ongoing marketing direction.

The goal for this year’s Tamponathon is to reach 10,000 donations. The drive accepts products such as tampons, pads, menstrual cups, and period panties, which can be dropped off at the following locations:

  • Imagine: 9415 West Street, Manassas, 9:00 a. m.-5:00 p. m. Monday-Friday
  • Montclair Property Owners Association: 3561 Waterway Drive, Montclair, 8:30 a. m.-5:00 p. m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8:30 a. m.-8:00 p. m. Wednesday

Donations can also be made through Amazon! Search “Tamponathon” on Amazon Wish List and select the products you wish to contribute. Don’t forget to follow @TamponsForAllPWC on Facebook for more information.


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