Teacher’s Hobby Becomes a Virtual Lesson for Students at Marsteller Middle School

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

Tim Vaughan is technology education teacher at Marsteller Middle School. While brainstorming distance learning ideas for students, he realized that his hobby as a beekeeper would be great to share. The exciting virtual lesson allowed students to learn how to care for a beehive, how bees are born, the queen’s role in the hive, and how honey is made.

Vaughan became a beekeeper to harvest raw honey for treating his son’s allergies and because he believes in the importance of honey in the ecosystem. He hopes the tours inspire students to become beekeepers in the future and encourages those interested to reach out to their local beekeeper organizations to learn more.

Kellye Lynn, reporter for ABC Channel 7, interviewed Vaughan about his beehive and sent a photographer to capture the live tour. Watch ABC 7 story

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