Technology Provides Individual Experience in a Hectic World

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(Family Features) The advancements in technology, including devices such as smartphones and tablets, offer users a customized experience based on their own preferences and taste. Today’s technology provides us with a world of information and entertainment options to make life easier.

It’s no secret that devices such as smartphones and tablets are useful little devices. In fact, a recent study shows that about one-third of all U.S. households now own a tablet, and this number is expected to climb. Some products put these advancements to use by offering personalized experiences for the user. One such product, PressReader, provides people with access to thousands of the world’s best-loved newspapers and magazines on their computers, smartphones, tablets and e-readers. But beyond the news, these special innovations can also greatly improve options for other things, such as enhanced entertainment options.

Entertainment on your time

New features on devices make pulling up a favorite album or checking out the latest comedy movie a breeze. For those looking to expand their musical knowledge or just enjoy their favorite artists, the Spotify app allows users free access to millions of songs. Plus, this app allows you to build your own collection of playlists so you have tunes to fit any occasion. If you’re looking to catch up on a hit television series or new movie, the Netflix app allows users to pick from thousands of titles with the touch of a button. If you enjoy watching the latest viral videos, the YouTube app allows you to catch them all. The app also provides recommendations based on previously watched videos, a voice search option and the ability to share videos using your favorite social media platforms. The best part about all of these apps is the ability to use them at any time you desire, all from your device.

Hand-picked news

Personal devices make receiving news easier than ever before. Now users can customize exactly the kind of news they want, where they get it and how they receive it. Long before smartphones and tablets, people relied only on print newspaper as their primary source for information. With the advent of apps like PressReader, people can pick from over 2,000 publications. It’s a portable digital newsstand that offers the convenience of offline and online reading anytime, anywhere. This app makes it easy for business travelers to catch up with their favorite hometown publication while they’re thousands of miles from home. Business owners in the hospitality, retail and transportation industries can also use this service as an added perk to offer to guests during their stay and has been an effective way for businesses to maintain their competitive advantage. For more information, visit

Thanks to technology, our lives are easier and more convenient with faster access to information and customized content. With aggregated services like PressReader, Spotify, and NetFlix, you only need one platform to get everything you need. In a hectic world, these handy tools can make lives a little less stressful.



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