TekConnX: High-Tech Solutions for Protecting Property and People

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By Marianne Weaver

Parking lots offer the opportunity for all sorts of crime and undesirable behavior. Be that vandalism, assault, theft or another illegal activity, lot owners are held responsible for all activity happening on their property. TekConnX (pronounced “Tek-Connects”), a Fredericksburg-based IT firm, has introduced a  patent pending threat detection solution that provides sustainable and green LED lighting and surveillance solutions merged with thermal, smoke/fire, gunshot and threat detection systems that minimizes the risk for lot owners.

“We had a client who had a lot where people would tailgate before sporting events,” said Kevin Williams, TekConnX CEO. “During the tailgating, fights would break out; people would get shot and stabbed. Our client was getting sued because they did not deploy high enough technology to proactively protect their patrons from harm or danger.”

Williams, whose company started out designing and building interactive video solutions, recognized that his clients wanted more: threat, smoke, gunshot detection and facial recognition.

“We are the proud owners of a patent to combine all of those technologies in one device,” he said.

The TekConnX solution provides security solutions that incorporate optimized LED lighting, complete megapixel IP video surveillance, programmable analytic sensors including threat detection, 3-D motion detection, gunshot detection, facial and object recognition and tracking, thermal detection, smoke, fire and chemical detection. Unlike other solutions that provide just lighting, or lighting combined with video surveillance, the TekConnX solution adapts to its surroundings. Without activity in a protected lot, the 150-watt lights power down 30 percent. But when activity is detected, they immediately fire up.

When illegal activity is detected, first responders are immediately notified. But more than that – the high-tech system sends exact co-ordinates of the incident, so first responders are not searching the entire lot or building.

Williams said the system would be ideal for protecting schools. In the event of a shooting, first responders would be immediately notified shots fired, with detailed location information.

“Children in areas not impacted can be moved to safety,” he said. “And police can isolate the shooter, because they already have all of the information they need to know before even arriving at the facility.”

Williams said the solution could protect guests, shoppers and students at numerous venues, including parking lots, malls, sporting and entertainment venues and schools. And, he added, by protecting the people, his clients are also protecting their reputations and bottom lines.

For more information, visit tekconnx.com.

Marianne Weaver is a freelance editor and writer. She earned a BA in English from the University of Pittsburgh and an MJ from Temple University. She lives in Gainesville, Va., with her husband and two children. Her email address is mweaver@princewilliamliving.com.



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