TekConnX Optimizes Threat Detection with New Patent for Smart Cities

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Provided TekConnX

TekConnX LLC, an award-winning leader in innovative and emerging technologies, has been awarded a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patented technology includes sensors for thermal detection, which have become an invaluable attribute in smart cities and smart facilities.

TekConnX’s technological advancements improve threat detection efficiencies for stakeholders including owners, managers’ security and engineering staff, and fire life safety and emergency medical services.
“With the technology covered by this patent, TekConnX is able to design solutions that save lives, reduce liabilities … [That means] safer environments that folks will know they are being protected … In case of an event, teams can respond in seconds and provide actionable intelligence in a moment’s notice,” said TekConnX Chief Digital Officer Earl Bentley.

This is TekConnX’s first patent. The patent complements the company’s seven-year track record as a provider of threat detection solutions in the commercial and federal space.

“We have been working on these detection solutions since 2014 and decided quickly that the design concepts were valuable intellectual property that should be protected by a patent,” said TekConnX CEO Kevin Williams.

“Our solution began to take shape while responding to a client’s request to install LED lighting at stadium and event facilities. Once our solutions were presented, we added security concepts to proactively monitor threat potential,” Williams said.

TekConnX’s proprietary technology now provides a broad range of detection capabilities, including LED lighting sensors, gunshot detection, thermal and chemical detection, and facial recognition. Communication protocols, dynamically ranking and routing priorities from sensors are based on movements, sounds, temperatures, and chemical threats, along with other criteria that make up the interactive features of the technology.

TekConnX’s systems also provide high-quality maximization and decrease reaction time by proactively monitoring alarms and, in some cases, responding before events become disastrous.


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