‘Thanking it Forward’ for National Thank-You Letter Day Nov. 14

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Our country has found itself in turbulent times. Between the pandemic, civil unrest, and political polarization, it’s easy to overlook those people for whom we are truly grateful; those people who have dedicated their lives to helping others, to saving lives, to educating our youth, to making a difference in this world.

That’s why this year on National Thank You Letter Day, students around the country are being asked to “Thank it Forward.” National Thank You Letter Day is the brainchild of social activist, literacy advocate and the “Pied Piper of Civility” Carew Papritz, who created the yearly celebration to teach children—and remind adults—about the personal importance of paying gratitude forward in their daily lives.

“National Thank You Letter Day has always been about showing gratitude,” says Papritz, the award-winning author of the book The Legacy Letters. “This year, we are asking students to take the time to recognize those people that they believe have had an impact on the lives of those around them, such as teachers, parents, first responders, local leaders; anyone that has made a difference in someone’s life.”

Teaching Gratitude, Kindness, Manners, and Civility

National Thank You Letter Day was conceived to teach kids about the importance of gratitude, kindness, manners, and civility, and provide an opportunity to teach critical literacy and communication skills. “Between social media, texting and remote learning, traditional communication skills are falling by the wayside,” says Papritz. “National Thank You Letter Day is designed to help children get back to basics, and to show gratitude at the same time.”

World’s Largest Thank You Letter

In previous years, Papritz and students from his home town of Green Valley, Arizona drew large crowds with the creation of the World’s Largest Thank You Letter in 2018, and in 2019 mailing the letter through the U,S. Postal Service postmarked with the World’s Largest Stamp and Envelope.

Spreading the Word

This year, he is asking not just students, but school districts to take part as well. “We want students to “Thank it Forward” by sending along a thank you letter to someone they are grateful for, but we also ask that school districts “Thank it Forward” as well by highlighting the students’ letters on social media with the hashtag #NTYLD,” says Papritz. “Together, we can make gratuity go viral.”


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