The Anatomy of a Wardrobe

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By Roxy L. Rowton

Whether we recognize it or not, many of us make the same mistakes over and over in our wardrobes.  Old habits and motivations for choosing and building a wardrobe run deep. It does take considerable effort to establish new methods and techniques for curating an updated and improved wardrobe.

How do we build a better wardrobe and define it, let alone convert it into a realistic application?  In general, a wardrobe concept represents a blueprint or a guide to assembling a collection of garments we need and want to wear.  It’s a roadmap of sorts to move the wardrobe from merely a random assortment of garments to a practical framework for constructing, selecting, organizing and storing a collection of garments.  Before we can “build a better wardrobe” and break it down into a practical framework for assembling a collection of garments and accessories, we should identify the elements or the features of the wardrobe anatomy.

Each of us have our very own set of style and sartorial asthetics as well as dress specifications for the occasions in our lives. While so much of building a wardrobe is personal and subjective, there are elements of the wardrobe anatomy that are universal and ought to be features of every woman’s pursuit of assembling a collection of authentic garments.

Form & Function

  • The anatomy of a wardrobe should have garments and accessories that are functional as well as beautiful

Build a better wardrobe with key curated essentials that are relevant to ever-evolving needs and that underline your philosophy of today’s dress code for work, home, travel, play and beyond.


  • The anatomy of the wardrobe includes an investment in the wardrobe by thoughtfully choosing better grade garments and accessories that last season after season

Build a better wardrobe by carefully selecting key curated essentials that are fabricated from the finest fabrics, skilled craftsmanship, and constructed to last for seasons to come.  When purchasing garments to introduce into the wardrobe collection, it is important to consider value — the significance, the worth and the usefulness of a garment or accessory.


  • The anatomy of the wardrobe is an extension of individuality and expression of personal sartorial aesthetics

Build a better wardrobe with key curated essentials that are an intentional  coordination of your authentic style and sartorial aesthetics: cuts and color, fabric and fit, prints and patterns, texture and tone, economy and ease, and sensibility and style. Individuality is filtering the designs, the trends, and the concepts of fashion into collection of garments and accessories that is the essence of yourself.  Everyday personal style begins and ends with a sense of ourselves.


  • The anatomy of the wardrobe includes a mindful mix of essentials, classic icons, and trend-driven updates

Build a better wardrobe of key curated essentials that give breadth to the  collection and generate an ease for mixing and matching.  Versatility is not about owning lots of garments, but rather being resourceful with the quantity of garments we have. The success of the wardrobe mix really isn’t about the quantity or number of garments in the collection, but how the garments relate to one another.


  • The anatomy of the wardrobe incorporates the assembly of garments for multiple outfits, occasions, and seasons

Build a better wardrobe with key curated essentials that expand the collection and go the distance.  Embrace a collection of garments that embody intentional function and transition effortlessly and impressively from day to night, from work to weekend, from travel to leisure, and everywhere in between.

Our clothing closet can be a modest or generous space stuffed with random garments that we don’t know with what to do.  The overabundance of choices can leave us discouraged and hungry for more — a better way to dressing and assembling the wardrobe.  A better way begins first by focusing on the anatomy of the wardrobe — its contents and its relation to our reality and day-to-day style.  It will teach us how to build our best wardrobe.


Wardrobe and style consultant Roxy L. Rowton ( spends much of her workweek in the closet or fitting room helping women build their very best wardrobe. She has two-plus decades in the fashion, apparel, and beauty industries.


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