The Black Sheep Restaurant: A Masterpiece in Sheep’s Clothing

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By Dawn Klavon

Prince William locals are coming down to the farm — Farm Brew LIVE, that is. Among the array of food and
beverage establishments on the eight-acre Manassas campus is rustic The Black Sheep Restaurant.

The Feel

The Black Sheep: whiskey + wine + noshery is part of Farm Brew LIVE, which calls itself Northern Virginia’s first destination brewery campus. Diners will find craft beer, craft food and live, local music. The spot even offers trendy outdoor, transparent igloos equipped with heaters and fleecy blankets, and many guests snuggly park inside them. Owned and operated by the Villagio Hospitality Group, The Black Sheep is one of several destinations they own, all in the same complex.

The restaurant shares the neighborhood with 2 Silos Brewing Co. and tasting room, The YARD outdoor live music venue, The Pit BBQ and beer garden, La Gringa Food Truck and 2nd Stop Ice Cream and Coffee Bar. Located amidst plenty of open space in a somewhat industrial park area, Farm Brew LIVE is part of Innovation Park.

Arriving at the restaurant, guests are presented with a spectacular, two-story historic dairy barn with exposed-beam vaulted ceilings. This is a legit historical treasure, known as the Thomasson Barn and built in 1929. The vintage barn features a dedicated arts and entertainment space as well as private dining rooms in the lower level barrel-aging quarters. One cozy room accommodates about 15 and the other well-appointed area hosts about 50, staff say. (Note to self, if you want to throw a big bash.)

The Black Sheep’s eclectic and intriguing interior decor includes crystal chandeliers in the enormous barn, with lots of interesting details. The restroom doors alone are pause for a laugh — the men’s room has the words ‘Sausage Bananas” etched on the door, and the ladies room door projects ‘Eggs Peaches.”

Come Hungry

But attention-getting decor and welcoming oversized booths are just the tip of The Black Sheep iceberg. The food, says owner Marcus Silva, is star here, with a compelling menu to get anyone’s juices flowing.

The restaurant is committed to promoting locally sourced cooking and supporting local farms and farmers striving to procure fresh, locally grown ingredients, while providing a palate of world-inspired comfort food.

Black Sheep Restaurant, bacon

Their unique Bacon Tower is torched table side.

Popular items include the unique Bacon Tower, torched table side. Upon ordering the appetizer, out comes a little clothesline with four meaty pieces of candied nueske bacon hanging on it, and a sprig of fresh rosemary. Serving staff fire up a mini-blowtorch to heat up the bacon from top to bottom, offering a
unique and memorable presentation.

Entrees run the gamut from healthy options, like beet salad or avocado toast, to indulgences like the French onion grilled cheese sourdough sandwich with warm caramelized onions and melted Gruyère cheese. Diners’ dietary needs and whims can be met with delicious options across the board.

A robust selection of beers, wines and spirits are available at the bar or in the dining room, with seasonal brews from neighboring 2 Silos. The Black Sheep’s bar is a destination unto itself, in stunning white, black and gray natural stone. Guests can order meals at the large bar, and diners can linger there over inventive
cocktails and cuisine.

The Black Sheep would be a fun destination for a group dinner, date night, family occasion or quiet dinner. The restaurant welcomes guests of all ages and levels of formality to enjoy a nosh and a whiskey. And the excellent acoustics make conversation easy.

brunch, Black Sheep Restaurant

Try their Avocado Toast during brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Reservations fill quickly at this very popular restaurant, so plan ahead. This memorable dining establishment is definitely a crown jewel in the Villagio Hospitality Group’s growing restaurant empire. It’s tastefully appointed, graciously staffed and the memorable menu offers plenty of options to keep diners returning again and again.

Dawn Klavon is a journalist, author, media director and recent transplant to NOVA. She thrives on juggling multiple projects, discovering local hot spots, consuming blue crab and conquering sudoku puzzles. Dawn can be reached at


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