‘The Council’ Provides a Stellar Twist on Black History to Unite America

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Provided by Charles L Price II

The Council: A Few Came Together to Become the Manifestation of Justice, is a novel centered around the premise of Nat Turner succeeding with his insurrection in Southampton, Virginia. At a time when America is still struggling with the racial divide, it begs the question, what effects would his success have had on racism? Would the butterfly effect produce a more united America in the 21st century?

Manassas author Charles Price writes a heavily researched and vivid story with a heart to spark an impactful change by appealing to the Black community to unite as one by finding pride in their heritage.
The story submits a petition with the rest of America to come together to move forward as one in the healing process. It bestows thoughts and ideas that evoke healing on an individual, collective and national level.

“Far too much bloodshed has been spilled in this country!”
“Take Jerusalem! Freedom be restored!”
-Nat Turner

African Americans’ contributions to making America great are numerous, despite the racial barriers. That fact should inspire. Yet remnant effects of slavery and the present senseless killings leave African Americans in a sorrowful state. The fact that Charles is consumed with these thoughts, questions and emotional angst served as the catalyst for this impactful book.

Diving into six months of research, including interviewing a descendant of one of the slave owners Nat Turner’s army killed, he’s produced a book that can be a catalyst for all to dare to bare their feelings and move forward as a nation. The intentions are to both validate the past harm and to fully heal together.

The Council is set to release on Amazon on June 19 (Juneteenth, the day of Nat Turner’s insurrection). Pre-orders available May 12, 2021.


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