The Firehouse Foodie: Show and Tell

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By Frank E. Vaerewijck


It’s a beautiful day! The Engine, Tower, and Ambulance bay doors are open. The sunshine illuminates the chrome of the apparatus like something out of a movie or your favorite television show. Cars, trucks, and SUVs pass the front of the station.

As one particular SUV passes, the brake lights come on, immediately followed by a turn signal, almost as an afterthought, and the vehicle makes an abrupt turn into the parking lot. Just a minute prior to all of this, as the mom was driving past the fire station, her overly enthusiastic youth not only spotted the mesmerizing view of the fire station, but had a mini meltdown. As the kids bail out of the SUV like Marines storming a beach in some far-off land, the mom does every thing she can to keep up.

As firefighters, we get to play with big toys, and really cools toys at that. When these pint-size people come in wanting to look at every shiny piece of chrome, and glistening waxed paint job, who are we to deny them?

We take a lot of pride in our equipment, and anytime we are given the opportunity to show them off, we’ll take it. I really like when a firefighter or past firefighter comes calling and wants to look around, compare or reminisce. This is another time where knowing your equipment really pays off, and it’s not bragging if it’s true. We all work in the best fire departments in the world and we truly do love the job. It’s not about where you are in this big vast world, but how you open your heart and station to the ones who love the job too – and “That’s Bringing the Firehouse Home!”


1 cup of loyalty
2 cups of kindness
3 teaspoons of forgiveness
5 tablespoons time for each other
4 gallons of honesty
1 cup of faith

Combine all ingredients with love and affection, and mix carefully.
Stir well, and should you notice any lumps or flaws, handle gently and overlook as often as possible.
Sweeten generously with a firm belief in each other and keep warm with a caring heart and a watchful eye. Never serve hot or cold, just room temperature.
Let stand for a lifetime of special memories, and most of all ENJOY!



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