The Goddard School – Gainesville hosts STEAM Fair & Open House: “All About Architecture”

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Provided by The Goddard School-Gainesville

Students at The Goddard School-Gainesville STEAM Fair

Come in to check out what our students are creating, building, analyzing and just having fun with during our STEAM Fair! At The Goddard School, year-round, our students continually have fun with STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), while fostering collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking, all of which are 21st century skills.

The theme for the two-week fair is “All About Architecture.” This week, we have already started learning in classes about architecture, engineering and building materials. We have been doing building activities with Washington DC’s structures in mind. We have had speakers in talking about their engineering and architecture jobs.

Next week, the theme continues with an Open House, and culminates with the children’s work on display. Related hands-on activities will be available in every classroom for parents and children of the community to partake in! Each day, activities will be available in a different classroom:

  • Tuesday 2/21: Infants & First Steps classrooms “Exploration & Painting of House Structures” “Build the Tallest Possible Structure”
  • Wednesday 2/22: Young Toddlers & Toddler classrooms “Magnetic Sensory Bottles” and “Magic Milk”
  • Thursday 2/23: Preschool classrooms “Solo Cup Bridges” and “Sugar Cube Pyramids”
  • Friday 2/24: Pre-K classrooms “Building Monumental Structures”

Owners Greg and Lisa O’Brien strongly believe that guiding children in early years through play-based learning sets the stage for success in school and life. They recognize the importance of a safe and nurturing learning environment. The Goddard School’s presence in this community is raising the bar for education options available to families in Gainesville and surrounding areas.



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