The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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By Dr. Sabrina Brandon Ricks, SBR Workplace Leadership Services

December has been known to be the most wonderful time of the year for decades, and it still is for most.  It is a time for taking a break from work, spending time with family, and friends, and resetting yourself for the new year.  It is also a time that is harder for some that feel isolation during the holiday season and need extra support.  As we wind up 2022, here are a few reminders for the workplace to ensure the year ends on a positive and optimistic note.


Try some new décor in the office space to brighten the area and lighten the mood.  Certainly, red and green have been traditional colors for this time of year, but who says you can’t use a yellow theme or even sky blue?!  The choice is yours and there are no limits to the fun things that can be done with decorations.  You can keep if professional yet inviting for colleagues and clientele.  Decorations are also a great conversation starter.

Celebrate Wins

How often do you sit the team down and highlight the accomplishments and achievements of each team member?  This is a great time of year to do so.  Go back to January and share a few words about what each team member has done to improve the workplace since the start of the year.  This may include contributions to certain projects, new accounts and lead generation, increased revenues, improved customer service scores, and more.  There are so many areas in which an employee may be praised.  This lifts moods and motivates employees to keep working hard in the new year and beyond.

Employee Get-Togethers

Some employees may not have much family and a small circle of friends.  Their loved ones may be deceased or simply may not live close enough to travel to.  In these cases, it is helpful to have something else to look forward to such an after hours gathering such as a potluck, luncheon, dinner, or otherwise.  If your budget allows, maybe the group can go bowling or you could host a game night at a convenient location for everyone.

Plans for 2023

If you have not already started making plans for the 2023 calendar year, this is definitely the time to do so.  What are your company goals?  What is the action plan to meet those goals?  Has the budget been finalized?  Do you need any policy or training updates?  Do you need to consider rebranding?  It is quite motivational and inspiring to plan.  It is even more exciting if you are planning with your team and not simply for them.  Get all of your employees’ thoughts and opinions about the future and strategize from there.  You may not be able to implement every idea, but employees will appreciate being involved in the planning process and seeing some of their ideas develop and grow.

For policy updates, training opportunities, curriculum design, speaking engagements, and more, contact SBR Workplace Leadership Services.  There are exciting plans for SBR in the 2023 year.  Feel free to subscribe to the page to stay up to date on offerings and events.   Visit the website for details.


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