The New Murano Chandelier

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Provided by DRS and Associates

Modernizing a Classic

The craftsmanship from the Venetian island of Murano remains the standard against which all glassblowing is measured. For centuries, Murano’s glassmakers have led Europe in developing and refining many of the glassblowing technologies still used today. Recognizing this legacy, Uplight Group’s Metal Lux has decided to honor Murano’s craftsmen by creating a collection of chandeliers with the same traditional lines and curves – but instead of glass, they’ve used metal.


DEDALO is the metallic translation of the elegant Murano-style chandelier, conceived with modern features and brilliant accents. It features a fine, almost imperceptible combination of glittering wires, which transmit an incandescent glow of light with reflected brilliance. DEDALO is available in chrome, satin gold or white and as a chandelier, sconce or table lamp.


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