The Soothing Sounds of Nature

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Provided by DRS and Associates

There has never been any doubt about the relationship that humans have with water. It’s elemental. It’s restorative. It’s a biological necessity (we all know that we cannot live without water). In early Rome, baths and bathing were an important part of cultural life; citizens used communal baths as much for relaxation as for social purposes. In Chinese and Indian medicine, water is seen as a crucial element, helping to balance the body to find harmony. Rivers have long been used for religious rebirths as much as for general bathing. Our love and affinity for water can even be seen in our love for the color blue known universally as a soothing and calm color.

So it’s no wonder that in the design world, there is a school of thought that encourages people to have fountains placed somewhere in their homes or gardens. We are not talking about enormous wall-sized interior fountains, the kinds you see in hotels, but more on the scale of smaller, more manageable fountains. In fact, you can actually find fountains that are small enough to fit on your desk. In this hurry-up world of ever-increasing stress, the sound of water burbling is known to calm the senses and hopefully reduce stress. Think about how many people crave vacationing at the beach, or lakeside; how many hours can be spent gazing out at the water with a cup of your favorite drink in hand.

But when we think of what we’d like to see in a fountain, our thoughts drift more to garden fountains. The sounds of burbling water in and around a lush garden are the stuff that dreams are made of. Recently we’ve come across some fountains from Stone Forest, a company whose products are sold worldwide but whose base is in Santa Fe, NM, and their entire collection of products seems to be created from nature’s most beautiful materials. We just had to share!

We are loving their Sphere fountain:

Carved from a single block of granite to form an irregular “broken” saw cut texture, Stone Forest’s Ribbed Sphere Fountain takes its position in the garden with both its elegant and commanding design. As water flows over the “broken” cuts, it creates a wavy, mesmerizing pattern as well as a soothing and bewitching sound. Available in two sizes: 20 inch diameter which weighs 350 lbs, and 24 inch diameter which weighs 650 lbs.

Swirl Fountain
Each unique in its own right, the Swirl Fountain is composed of a natural boulder with a raw exterior and polished top due to saw cutting and carving.




Tiered Helix Fountain
Standing 57″ high, this taller edition of Stone Forest’s popular Helix Fountain adds additional depth and beauty to the landscape. The beige granite is grooved in a graceful ladder pattern. The movement of water over granite brings the stone alive, creating a soothing, contemplative atmosphere.



Basalt Column Fountain
The dramatic Basalt Column Fountain utilizes natural basalt columns to achieve its striking and organic presence. Water gently flowing over the stone produces a calm and contemplative aura, which is the perfect antidote to our harried lives. Polished granite facets create a strong contrast to the natural weathered surface and bring out the deep black color of the inner polished stone.







Water Table Fountain
A gorgeous study in modern stone artistry, Stone Forest’s Water Table fountain marries contemporary design with natural elements. The table’s exterior perimeter showcases the natural texture of the stone from which it was carved, while the bird’s-eye perspective captures the sublime color and intricate detail of the stone’s cross-section. The fountain is a unique, modern and contemplative addition to any environment.


We’ll be out in the garden, but you can learn more about Stone Forest and their products here:



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