The Story Behind Oh! Market’s International Food Festival on June 26 and 27

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By Mia Brabham

Sponsored by Oh! Market

Starting a life in a new country can mean leaving behind the very food that brings one comfort and makes a culture so rich. In 1990, the Oh Family decided that no one should have to forsake their favorite foods when beginning a journey in another place and developed a way to get specific foods to Virginia.

For 20 years, Oh! Market Int’l Food has served international communities by bringing treasured and delicious foods from various countries right to the area—and their process ensures all of the foods and produce arrives fresh so customers can dig in with a smile. In many traditional grocery stores, it can be hard to find a certain country’s products. Because of Oh! Market Int’l Food, neighbors, friends, and family alike in Prince William County are able to keep and share a slice of home, and the Oh! Market’s International Food Festival happening on June 26 and 27 was created to celebrate that.

Bringing Home to Prince William County

Oh! Market is a family-owned business that was founded by veteran international grocer, Man Oh. Oh began working in the international food industry in Maryland more than 30 years ago, and opened his first international food market—specializing in providing unique, authentic foods for Asian and Hispanic communities—in Winchester in 2011, followed by Manassas.

Jacob Cho, vice president of Oh! Market International Food of Manassas, says that the idea for the festival originated “back in 2015 at our Winchester location. We know there’s been a lot of dividedness in our country with cultures and race. We wanted to create awareness and show how different cultures can come together representing foods from around the world.”

He continues: “Now more than ever, it’s important we celebrate our rich diversity. Everyday Oh! Market brings together people of many different cultures and palates, and our food festival showcases the delicious cuisine that comes from our international community.”

Celebrating Community with Food

Oh! Market

Myung Cho of Oh! Market preparing Bibimbap with Kimchi

The Oh! Market International Food Festival will feature a variety of free food tastings from various vendors, and represent cuisine from Korea, China, Japan, Jamaica, Vietnam, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, India, and more.

“We are currently hosting vendors with the following products: dumplings, curry, ramen noodles, rice cakes, roll cakes, and many more,” Cho said.

In addition to vendors, Oh! Market’s mini food court will be open. This includes K-Bop’s Korean dishes, sushi from Wasabiko, and Mexican-fusion dishes from Taco-Chinoz.

Cho is most looking forward to “[spreading]awareness of great-tasting products from all over the world,” and encourages people to attend the festival to explore and taste products from different parts of the globe.

Exhilarating Activities to Expect

The event will have a live Mariachi band and have free raffle entries.

“We plan to have a fire truck at the parking lot for kids to see, and inside, lots of food to taste,” Cho includes.

Customers will also have the unique opportunity to watch seafood preparation in the connected fish market.

Support by Attending this Savory Day

The Oh! Market International Food Festival will take place on Saturday, June 26 and Sunday, June 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at its store on 7412 Stream Walk Lane in Manassas.

The festival will be brimming with food, fun, and music for all ages. Admission and tastings are free, and all foods offered at the tastings will be available for purchase at the store.

For the health and safety for all attendees, Cho says, “Per CDC guidelines, [masks are]not required if you have been vaccinated. All COVID protocols remain effective for our store and employees.”

The Oh! Market team encourages those who aren’t fully vaccinated to continue to wear a mask.

For information about Oh! Market, visit or call 571-292-2918. See you there!


Mia Brabham is an author, writer, and media host. Her debut book, Note to Self, is a short collection of life lessons that is in the hands of readers all over the world. Mia is also the host of Two In The Morning, a podcast that explores and unpacks the cultural questions that keep us up at night. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter, or at



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