The Tired Gals Book Club

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By Ashley Riggleson

Longtime readers of Prince William Living may know Rebecca Barnes as the publisher of this magazine. But in fact she wears many hats, the latest of which is her position as the host of the Tired Gals Book Club. This moniker acknowledges the need for spaces where women can come together and press the pause button on their busy lives.

The name “reflects the reality that many of us are juggling various responsibilities—be it work, family, or other commitments—and often feel exhausted,” Barnes said. This venture “aims to provide a relaxing and enjoyable space where women can unwind, connect with others, and engage in meaningful discussions,” and the Tired Gals Book Club promises to empower women both within and outside of the local community.

The club will meet virtually once a month, and as Barnes said, this structure allows “greater flexibility, the convenience of joining from the comfort of home, and the ability to connect with members from different geographical areas. This format makes it easier for more people to participate, regardless of their location or schedule constraints.”

With such a convenient set-up it is easier to reach more women in a hassle-free way. “We hope this book club will foster a sense of community, support, and personal growth. By coming together over shared interests in literature, we aim to create a supportive network where members can recharge and find inspiration.”

The club will read a variety of nonfiction, memoirs, and self-help books. “Our goal is to explore various genres and themes that resonate with our members and spark meaningful conversations,” Barnes said. In keeping with this theme, the club’s first selection is Gavin de Becker’s The Gift of Fear, which Barnes describes as a book that “offers practical advice that can empower members to feel safer and more confident in their daily lives.”

Barnes reminds us: “Life is hard. We all need to do better to be supportive, understanding and kind.” The Tired Gals Book Club hopes to create space to do just that, and they are always looking for members. To find out more, click here – and keep a look out for Barnes’ forthcoming book, Cut the Crap. A Tired Gal’s No-Nonsense Guide to Overcoming Life’s BS, coming spring 2025.

For more information about the Tired Gals Book Club or to join, click here.

Ashley Riggleson is a contributing writer for Prince William Living.


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