The Wu Sisters “Green Up” the Classic Chocolate Cupcake

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Provided by Cakes by Happy Eatery

Cakes By Happy Eatery’s team prides themselves on being seasonally creative. They haven’t met a season or a holiday they can’t love and wrap their arms around. Earth Day is no different. Their plant-based cupcakes are sinfully delicious with vegan ingredients and no animal products in the mix.

“We have run a sustainable business for years,” said Victoria Wu, who is the unofficial ringleader of this tight family-run and staffed operation. “We waste almost nothing, and constantly come up with scrumptious goodies from leftover stuff from major baking projects.”

Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes

The Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes are another of their favorite items, and their organic cocoa source is a closely guarded secret!

“We have a lot of vegan clients, and we came up with these [cupcakes]for them,” Wu said. “The key is this amazing cocoa we’ve found. Then it’s water, organic sugar, flour, baking soda and powder, vinegar, vanilla extract, a natural oil blend and salt.” Those are the main ingredients Wu acknowledges with a wink, but the secret is in how they’re used.

Partnership with ACTS

The Wu sisters have a partnership with not-for-profit ACTION in Community Through Service (ACTS). They provide fresh baked food on a weekly basis to community groups picked by the ACTS/Prince William Food Rescue staff. The Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes are the latest treat that will be shared with the ACTS “Food Rescue Hero” volunteers on April 22 (Earth Day!) between 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. The food will go to the East End Mobile Home Park.

“Week to week, we kind of decide what we’re in the mood to do in terms of an item,” said Victoria. “Sometimes we come up with totally unique ideas just fooling around in the kitchen … We typically share [them]with the community through ACTS and other outlets.”

Cakes By Happy Eatery has made this program a permanent part of its weekly routine, and the menu will continue to change every week. It has included gourmet cookies, bakery donuts and pasta salad based on what ACTS needs group by group. The focus is on families hit hard by the economic impact of the COVID crisis. For further information, visit


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