The Wu Sisters Look to Spice Up Easter

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Provided by Cakes by Happy Eatery

Cakes By Happy Eatery always looks for new takes on old traditions. For Easter, they are offering a few new creative options: Gingerbread Bunnies, Coconut Baked Donut candy baskets topped off with jelly beans, and “Rice Krispies Ice Cream Cones.”

gingerbread bunnies, Cakes by Happy Eatery

“For us, Easter is about rebirth and trying new things,” said Victoria Wu, the unofficial ringleader of this tight family-run and staffed operation. “Easter is not just about chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. Gingerbread, for example, is not just for one holiday, and our gourmet bunnies are proof of that.”


The Rice Krispies “ice cream cones” don’t actually involve ice cream. Homemade marshmallows are mixed with Rice Krispies cereal and rolled in milk chocolate, and planted on a sugar cone! Fresh shredded coconut with chocolate eggs is baked in the middle of the donuts. They’re covered in dark chocolate frosting with decorations such as jelly beans to finish.

“These special donuts of ours are a lot like the Samoa Girl Scout cookies,” Wu said. “We’ve obviously embellished a bit off the classic Girl Scout model!”

Partnership with ACTS

The Wu sisters have a partnership with ACTION in Community Through Service (ACTS). The partnership was  formed at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis and provides provide fresh food on a weekly basis to groups picked by the ACTS/Prince William Food Rescue staff. These Easter treats will be picked by ACTS Food Rescue Heroes on April 1 between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. The food will be delivered to the East End Mobile Home Park.

“Week to week, we kind of decide what we’re in the mood to do in terms of an item,” said Victoria. “Sometimes we come up with totally unique ideas just fooling around in the kitchen, and we typically share it with the community through ACTS and other outlets.”

Cakes By Happy Eatery has made this program a permanent part of its weekly routine. The menu will continue to change every week. It has included gourmet cookies, bakery donuts and pasta salad, based on what ACTS needs. The focus is on families hit hard by the economic impact of the COVID crisis. For further information, visit


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