Therapist’s new position helps teens and families in crisis

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Provided by Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy


Anna Marie Askin-Evans, newly appointed Director of Adolescent Programs at the Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy, is one of the creators of the Teen Diversion Program designed to keep low risk kids, often first-time offenders, from getting lost in the Juvenile Justice System. Written and administered in partnership with the Court Services Unit, it has helped kids learn core values and more effective coping mechanisms with which to deal with the many pressures of being a teenager.

Because of Anna Marie’s success in the pilot program, she has continued to make great connections with other communities and organizations, such as Payton’s Project (, beginning to implement anti-bullying and suicide prevention programs in Fauquier and Prince William County. “Collaboration with other groups is the most effective way to increase our impact for the benefit of our kids,” says Anna Marie. “There are some great programs happening, and I can deepen the impact by teaching kids and parents about their innate drive to create value, by offering Core Value workshops and groups.

A Resident Therapist at the Marianne Clyde Center, Anna Marie has developed some great relationships and proved herself to be very effective in helping teens and their families reduce conflict, overcome suicidal ideation and unhealthy thought patterns. “Her Core Value workshops, groups, Family Intensive sessions and Core Value Parenting workshops touch every area of life, from improving family relationships, overcoming unhealthy eating patterns, improving parenting techniques and teaching healthy, respectful communication patterns,” says Marianne Clyde, founder of the Center. “I am delighted to see her continue to use her skills in such an effective and highly beneficial way in our communities. This new appointment will help us address the many stressors on our teens in a straightforward and collaborative way.”

More information on our groups, workshops and programs is available at You can reach Anna Marie at 540-347-3797.


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