They Dared … They Did!

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By Dawn Klavon

Sponsored by Pure Barre Woodbridge

Pure Barre, Woodbridge’s newest fitness studio, recently took part in a nationwide Fall Fitness Challenge, daring clients to take 30 classes in 60 days. Instructors estimate 129 clients participated, and many can’t say enough about the event.

“I really enjoyed doing the Fall Fit Challenge because it motivated me to attend more classes and push myself even on days when I was feeling lazy,” said Abir Malik. “Overall, I love our PBW studio! It really is my safe space.”

Making time to attend 30 classes in 60 days can seem overwhelming, but participants gained momentum as the challenge went on. Audrey Hemphill admitted she loathes any sort of public challenge, but Pure Barre welcomes participants at all fitness levels, so the intimidation factor receded.

“No matter what shape or form you’re in there is someone else in class just like you,” Hemphill said.

Client Kellie Brooks agreed.

“I think my favorite part is the fact that I do not feel judged,” she said. “I feel motivated to burn energy when I walk in and empowered to take on my day when I leave.”


Pure Barre’s services deliver noticeable results, and the Fall Fitness Challenge didn’t disappoint in that department. It was another outcome which numerous clients celebrated.

“I definitely see and feel the results,” said Brooks.

“I walked by a mirror last week and caught a glimpse of myself and didn’t even recognize that it was me!”, said client Thalia. “Finally being able to see for myself the slimming that everyone else does is a really nice bonus.”

Clients mentioned the sense of community and camaraderie at Pure Barre was an additional motivating factor.

“I’ve made tons of new friends, lost 12 pounds, and love the supportive community that’s been created,” said Molly Smits.

Round Robin 50-Minute Classes

As if the Fall Fitness Challenge wasn’t enough of an event, Pure Barre took it one step further. Celebratory round-robin 50-minute classes were held in early November for Fitness Challenge participants. The classes encompassed all aspects of Pure Barre’s fitness, and multiple instructors led different segments of the group classes.

“It was a unique and kind of fun experience,” said Daniel Habron, one of Pure Barre’s instructors.

Clients embraced the celebratory classes’ format, infusing every element of Pure Barre fitness into each class.

“I LOVED having all three instructors during one class, each one brought something different,” said client Nicole Brooks. “I would love to have more tag team style classes.”

Pure Barre Woodbridge held their grand opening in September and has been overwhelmed with the positive response of its clients. The studio features four 50-minute group class formats that deliver an effective total body workout focused on low-impact, high-intensity movements. The goal is to lift and tone muscles while improving strength, agility and flexibility.

“I definitely feel empowered every time I come to the class,” said client Sophia Levy.

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