Third Annual Shadow for a Day Program

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Shadow for a Day

The 2018 Shadow for a Day

Provided by Theresa Coates Ellis

This year marks the third annual “Shadow for a Day” program hosted by founder and Manassas City Councilwoman Theresa Coates Ellis.
Students, job-seekers, and career-changers connect to people in different professions for jobs, careers, mentorships, and hobbies.
This year’s program is a little different than previous years. In the past, professionals, tradespeople, and people from diverse industries would gather in person with interested community members to learn about their jobs and offer career and mentor opportunities for the participants. This year will be virtual and in a video format that is safe and will reach a larger audience.
The career lineup includes people from or in the community that have been working during the COVID-19 pandemic public health crisis and economic crisis. Participants will learn about their training and job description, and the impact of their job during this challenging time.
The Third Annual Shadow for a Day 2020 program will have a different career series spotlight every other Thursday at 12:00 noon on our Shadow for a Day Manassas Facebook watch party and will repeat as a post.


The first in the series, “Wildlife Biologists,”  premiered July 30 with thousands of online reaches. This is a much larger audience than previous in-person gatherings. Our 2020 presenters include:
  • Wildlife Biologists in Tanzania Kat Coates and Toni Dotterer, both from Manassas. Video premiere on July 30:
  • Beekeepers George Ellis and Jim Gehlsen, Prince William Regional Beekeepers Association, Manassas City presentation to Lifelong Learning Institute.
  • Brewer, Blane Perry, Sinistral Brewing Company, Manassas City.
  • Environmental Scientist Matt Brennan, Keystone Consultants LLC, Manassas City.
  • Death Valley Park Ranger Michelle Clark, from Manassas
  • Artist Kevin F. Roustazad, Eastern Memorials, Manassas City.
  • “Hard Conversations.” Diverse panel of community leaders and university students.
In three years, Shadow for a Day in Manassas City has grown into a strong connection network for people looking for a job, career, mentorship or a special interest.
Contact if interested in connecting to a professional or all of the professionals. All of the professionals this year and from the past are excited to work with students, job-seekers, and career-changers as we move forward during this economic crisis as #ManassasTogether.
Message “Shadow for a Day Manassas” on Facebook or email with your contact info to be added to and receive the Shadow for a Day network.
Shadow for a Day 2020

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