This Easter, Manassas Restaurant Keeps the Magic Alive

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The staff at CJ Finz in Old Town Manassas is busy hard-boiling eggs, but it’s not a new menu item.
With no early reprieve in sight for families in Prince William County, parents are wondering what to do for their young children as they hope for a visit from the Easter Bunny this weekend. Local restaurateur Chris Sellers may as well be wearing a bunny suit because for many families, he’ll be the Easter Bunny this year.
For $20 plus tip, Chris and the team at CJ Finz will deliver and hide hard-boiled and hand-dyed Easter eggs throughout your yard after 10:00 p.m. on Saturday night. You’ll even receive an Easter basket for collecting the eggs. Chris warns “our team will even wear bunny ears, so please don’t shoot [if you see us].”
To order a delivery, visit and select “Pickup Order.” You can then select the “Bunny Drop” delivery option. Make sure to add your address in the “Special Requests” session. The team can then call with any questions about accessing your yard and any specific placement requests.
Gratuity is not necessary but always welcome. All proceeds and gratuities go directly to servers, bartenders and front of the house family members who have been affected with loss of income. The orders are first-come, first-served and quantity is limited.
It appears that even a global pandemic can’t stop the Easter Bunny.

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