Three Nights of HOPE for CHILDREN

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Our community’s neediest need YOU

By Rebecca Barnes

One of the first concerns I had during the pandemic were victims of abuse. With no outside contact like school, work, clubs, places of worship or other gatherings, victims of domestic abuse have been literally locked in with their abusers for months. All of the havens and places they could see some form of normalcy have been removed. To add to the problem, mental health issues due to isolation are on the rise. I know many of us have asked “What can we do to help?”

Please join CASA Children’s Intervention Services, Inc. 23rd  Annual Evening Under The Stars virtual fundraiser tonight, tomorrow, and Friday nights at 7:00 p.m.  Tonight’s event looks back on “Our Past”.  Enjoy pictures and video clips from past events, stay for some entertainment and offer a donation to ensure abused and neglected children have a voice that is heard.  Join CASA CIS Thursday for a look at “Our Present”, meet our advocates, enjoy musical performances, donate.  And Friday night offers a look at CASA’s future, the future of our community.
Donate directly here: or mail a check to CASA Children’s Intervention Services, Inc., 9384 Forestwood Lane, Suite C, Manassas, VA  20110

CASA CIS on Facebook is live at 7:00 p.m. each evening. Follow a link to YouTube or

Thank you for your gift of HOPE. If you are able, donate at or mail a check to the address above.




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