Three Tips for Exterior Painting Success

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By David Funk

Spring is finally here, and like many folks, you may have some exterior painting projects that need to get done. If you’re planning a project like this, take a few minutes to consider some tips that will help you achieve a successful result.

1. Weather. Just because it’s sunny and warm doesn’t mean you’re ready to begin. Give your home ample time to dry out from the last rainy period, generally two to three days of normal spring temps and humidity. Painting failure can easily result from overlooking this simple step.

2. Paint Quality. This is one of the most under-appreciated factors in any project. Using a high-quality paint will not only help with the ease of application and reduce frustration, but it will ensure that your home will stay beautiful for as long as possible. Saving a few bucks on lesser quality paint is simply not worth the risk, ever.

3. Spot Priming. Oftentimes your entire home doesn’t need priming. In many cases, only certain “spots” or areas that may have bare wood exposed will need to be primed. Using a quality primer on these areas will give you the best outcome possible while reducing the chance for paint to fail again
prematurely in these areas.

These simple steps are frequently overlooked and can cause unnecessary rework and frustration. With a little extra planning, your project can look just as good as if you hired a pro to do it. If you still experience some difficulty during your project, send me an email with your questions. I’m always happy to help point you in the right direction.

David Funk ( is the owner of David Funk Painting & Design in Woodbridge.


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