Thrifted DIY Toy Box Seats

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 by Amanda Causey Baity

Thrifted DIY Toy Box SeatsTired of looking at the nursery’s grey plastic storage bin as a toy box I set out on a mission to find the perfect wooden box to create something special for my son. I still have about 6 weeks until he arrives. Here are Baby Brother’s new toy boxes.

Thrifted DIY Toy Box Seats Before

I got these from Bthrifty. They were 15.99 for the both but it was half off furniture the day we went so I got them for $7.50! What a deal! I instantly knew I wanted to make them toy boxes for Baby Brother but was not sure exactly what my vision was.

I found inspiration online and got to work. I had some chalkb

oard paint left over from a previous project and my original plan was to paint them both in chalkboard paint.

Thrifted DIY Toy Box Seats 1

I got this Ikea fox plush from The Village Thrift for $1.

Thrifted DIY Toy Box Seats 3 This awesome fabric…which took me hours to pick out, was only $2 a yard. I got it at Joann’s on red tag half off clearance! The orange paint came from Home Depot and I got the sample size. It was less than $3 and I still have half of it left. The chalkboard paint was in my stock and I have gotten so much use out of the can I purchased about a year ago.

Thrifted DIY Toy Box Seats 4

Sadly, Baby Brother has too many toys already and he is not even here yet. What I have purchased from thrift stores & had leftover from my first born & nephew are overflowing these two. Time to get organized and purge them down to my favorites!

 Total project cost: $12.50 for both

Amanda Causey Baity, Prince William Living’s marketing director & photo editor lives in Montclair with her family. She also blogs about thrifty family activities and recipes on her blog as well as writes thrift store reviews and posts her thrifting finds on her blog She can be reached at



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