The Time Has Come

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Kyle Wilson Elementary School

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, ages and sexes.  But no person is more of a hero as one who gives his life in the line of duty.  Prince William County resident and firefighter Kyle Wilson did just that on a windy day in April of 2007.   Overshadowed in the news by the horrific incident at Virginia Tech on the same day, Kyle’s gift to our community didn’t make headlines the way that it should have.

I see no better way to pay homage to someone who grew up in Prince William, attended Prince William County Schools, and died protecting Prince William County residents than to name a school after him.   While I appreciate the dedication to our community of the other suggested honorees, NONE have given all the way Kyle did.

Our children need to know Kyle’s story, not just his death, but his life.  What he stood for, what they should emulate, so that they too can grow up and become heroes in our community.

Please support the effort to name the newest elementary school after Kyle Wilson.  The naming committee meets Thursday, Feb. 25th at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held at Saunders Middle School 13557 Spriggs Road Woodbridge. The time has come.


Rebecca Barnes, publisher of Prince William Living is also a member of a local volunteer fire department in Prince William County. The opinion stated here is her own.


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