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Provided by the City of Manassas

Windy, winter days are still ahead of us, and the City of Manassas Public Works suggests five curbside trash tips that might help customers make trash pick-up a little easier and help keep a lid on their curbside trash. For more information, go or call the Trashline at 703-257-8252.

City of Manassas Public Works recommends the following tips to help ensure trash is contained during bad weather conditions.

–          Set trash and recycling out in hard-sided containers with tight fitting lids. If you have a smaller recycling bin, make sure that heavier items are on top, so that papers and lighter objects don’t blow away.

–          Do not set out loose trash bags.  Loose trash bags can rip and blow into the street making it unsafe for drivers and pedestrians. Always use your trash and recycling containers.

–          Double bag your trash. Cold weather and ice can weaken plastic and make it brittle. Double bagging can prevent bags from sticking to the bottom of the trash cart and from ripping as the trash crew moves the trash to the truck.

–          Check with your collection service. Snow, ice and high winds can delay or suspend service. Remember that the trash crew must navigate through many private residential areas and roads that might be untreated and unsafe for crews to collect trash and recycling. Call the Manassas Trashline or check the for trash information.

–          When in doubt – don’t set it out.  If it’s snowing heavily, if  there are high winds, or if it’s so icy that you stand the chance of slipping or falling as you set out your trash and recycling – then don’t do it. Call the Trashline for the latest trash pick-up updates. Trash collection was cancelled Feb. 17 due to snow and may be cancelled in the future due to road conditions associated with winter weather.

“We get a lot of questions about trash pick-up during bad weather days, as trash crews can sometimes be delayed or the weather makes it difficult to put out curbside trash,” said Monica Boehringer, City of Manassas recycling and refuse coordinator. “We encourage customers to check our website or call the Trashline for the most up-to-date information on trash pick-up,” said Boehringer.


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