Top Tips for Moms to Stay Better Organized

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viewer-19(StatePoint) For busy moms always on the go, it’s crucial to find new ways to save time and money, while reducing daily hassles. Let these organizational tips help you stay on track:

Make Mornings Easier

Mornings are always hectic when you’re preparing the entire family for the day. Simplify those early hours by prepping certain things the night before.

For example, pack the kids’ lunches as you’re getting dinner ready. There’s always downtime to put together a few sandwiches while something is marinating, chilling or heating.

Spend a few minutes with your children on Sunday nights picking out their clothes for the week. You’ll thank yourself on weekday mornings.

Organize your bag the night before. You’ll be less likely to leave something behind when you aren’t in a rush.

Keep Track

There’s no doubt about it. Technology is playing an increasing role in parenting, from keeping in touch with the kids to using organizational apps. Unfortunately, one in eight moms who use mobile electronic devices and have an on-the-go lifestyle say they lose or misplace their smartphone “very often” or “often,” according to a 2014 Essentials for Mobile Life Survey.

But replacing a smartphone is expensive, time-consuming and stressful. Moreover, mom’s smartphone is often a “keeper” of a tremendous amount of personal, confidential and work-related information.

New technology is making it possible to keep track of your phone, as well as other essential appendages, like backpacks, keys and handbags. For example, a new Proximo app made by Kensington includes a fob for your keys and up to four tags on other items to alert you when you’re leaving behind something valuable. It can also help locate the misplaced item with the touch of a button, saving you time and money. More information can be found at

Chore Chart

Why do all the work yourself? A chore wheel can help you remember what tasks need to be completed weekly. By involving everyone, you can make each member of the family feels their contributions are important.

Assign age-appropriate tasks to each member of the family and rotate jobs from week to week. Even the youngest children can learn to pick up their own toys or help with simple tasks in the kitchen. Post the chore wheel in a centralized location, such as on the refrigerator at a height everyone can see.

Make Extra

When you get home after a long day, leftovers can be a blessing if you’re too tired to cook. Sure you can order in, but even that will get old. Plus, the food you cook at home is often healthier and less expensive to prepare. Save yourself the hassle of making dinner nightly by cooking more than you need and freezing or storing some for later.

Being a mom means juggling many different things at once. But don’t stress. Find ways to make life easier for yourself instead.


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