Town Hall: Transportation and Development in Marumsco

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Provided by Supervisor Frank Principi’s Office

At his most recent Town Hall, Supervisor Principi invited residents to learn, and ask questions, about development and transportation projects in the Marumsco area. Topics included:

  • Development at 1381 Longview: Masjid Alfalah Mosque; three-level, 6,000 square foot footprint, with 191 parking spaces. Buffer and landscaping plan calls for 300 plants, a six-foot fence and gate. To limit traffic impact, it will include three points of egress. Anticipated opening by 2024.
  • Traffic Calming on East Longview: County has upgraded a crosswalk at East Longview and Aiden, installed three “Bus Stop Ahead” signs and switched to LED streetlights to improve visibility. With the road getting 8,500-9000 vehicle trips daily, VDOT will not allow speed tables. Pole-mounted speed displays will be installed in coming weeks. These have been effective in other areas. More solutions are being explored, as well.
  • Intersection Improvements: Plans call for the lane into E. Longview to become two lanes, addition of a 400-foot sidewalk, the westbound approach to Route 1 to get a dedicated left turn lane , two through lanes and a right turn lane.
  • Jefferson Plaza Demo: Thanks to a lawsuit by the Woodbridge Civic Association, the state ordered part of the old building demolished. This will likely occur prior to one of two pending court cases against the building owner, Garrett Companies: Aug. 22 or Sept. 13.
  • Development at Jefferson Plaza: The McDonald’s by Dawson Beach Rd is relocating to Jefferson Plaza. Supervisor Principi worked with the owner and PWC Planning to mitigate impacts of this move, to include McDonald’s  agreeing to pay for a new right turn lane and bike racks, and to monitor for and remove graffiti at the original location.

Read more, to include answers to audience questions. 


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