Town of Dumfries Awarded $1 Million EPA Brownfields Multipurpose Grant

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Provided by Town of Dumfries

The Town of Dumfries has been awarded a $1 million EPA Brownfields Multipurpose Grant! This funding will help support the redevelopment and revitalization of disadvantaged communities within the town.

How Dumfries Will Use the Grant:

✅ Complete Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

✅ Undertake at least one environmental cleanup project

✅ Address issues at a former salvage yard and vehicle stripping facility

✅ Conduct area-wide and reuse planning

✅ Foster community involvement

Mayor Wood said, “This historic $1 million grant is a monumental step towards transforming Dumfries. The funding will enable us to clean up and revitalize key areas of our town, boosting our local economy and improving public health and safety.”

With this grant, Dumfries will continue to leverage funds to stimulate economic development and ensure a brighter future for all our residents.


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