Tragedy Can be Tipping Point if We Work Together

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by Rebecca Barnes, Publisher Prince William Living

Some of us have been up all night; others are just waking up to the news that we have suffered a tragedy here in Prince William County.  Prince William County Police Department reported to a domestic violence call in Woodbridge only to have the worst outcome imaginable.  The woman who called police was allegedly shot and killed by her husband, who also allegedly shot three other officers, resulting in the death of PWCD Officer Ashley Guindon, on her first day on the job.

As a member of a Volunteer Fire Department here in the county, far too often I have seen domestic violence situations, as well as having been a victim myself more than 20 years ago.  Behind the scenes at Prince William Living we had talked about writing a piece on domestic violence and possibly hosting a discussion on the matter.  In light of recent events, we feel compelled to take action.  Domestic violence affects many more homes than you may realize, and it doesn’t always look like what the television shows lead you to believe it does.

As the facts from last night unfold, we will learn more about what happened in this specific case. Meanwhile, we ask that you keep PWCPD, the injured officers and Officer Guindon’s family in your thoughts prayers, as well as the family of the victim who lost her life.  From personal experience, I can tell you, without help, most cannot and do not leave.  Several issues need to be addressed including mental health, public awareness on domestic violence and physical and emotional needs of the entire family. Prince William Living will be partnering with Give Back Prince William and several other groups in the community to host a forum to facilitate discussion about domestic violence and what you can do to help aid those who find themselves in this situation.

Thank you to all Law Enforcement officers and First Responders in our community.  I am proud to be a part of this family.  It is my sincere hope that we can find something positive out of this horrific experience and make a change for the better in our community.  If you are interested in helping or partaking in the discussion, you can sign up for the specific newsletter here: Prince William Living Domestic Violence Discussion


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