Two Service Authority Employees Rescue Motorist from Overturned Vehicle

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Provided by Prince William County Service Authority

Two Prince William County Service Authority (SA) employees went above and beyond the call of duty when they helped free a motorist from an overturned vehicle several weeks ago.

During a routine workday in August, Utility Worker Dan Jones and Inflow & Infiltration Technician I Dwight Green were eating lunch in their work vehicles in Haymarket when Dwight witnessed a car accident at a nearby intersection.

“I didn’t even see it at first, but Dwight knocked on my window and asked if I’d seen what happened,” recalled Dan. “I looked out, and there was an overturned car in an intersection about a football field’s length away.”

Jumping into action, Dan and Dwight rushed to the scene to see how they could assist. When they arrived, they saw the driver was trapped in the overturned vehicle.

“The vehicle was on its passenger side, and the driver couldn’t pull herself out,” added Dan. “There were a lot of other people there, but they mostly had their cameras out and weren’t helping the woman trapped in the car. My priorities were making sure that she wasn’t hurt and getting her out of the way of oncoming traffic.”

Thinking quickly, another witness backed his pickup truck up to the overturned vehicle. Dan hopped in the truck bed and then onto the side of the vehicle. After ensuring the passenger in the vehicle wasn’t seriously injured, he helped lift the driver out of the car and guided her to a safe location. Dan also verified with the driver that there were no others in the vehicle.

Though shaken up, the driver felt like she had avoided serious injury. While awaiting emergency responders, Dan sat and waited with her to provide comfort and company. He discovered that she routinely takes her grandchildren with her in the vehicle, and the day of the accident was the only day that week that they were not with her.

“Dan and Dwight’s random act of kindness and concern to assist someone in an overturned vehicle, without being asked to help, speaks volumes about their character and aligns with their commitment to Customer-First Focus,” said Doug Shoop, SA’s Director of Operations & Maintenance.

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, Service Authority General Manager/CEO Calvin D. Farr, Jr., P.E. presented Letters of Commendation to Dan and Dwight for their quick thinking and unselfish response to come to the aid of someone in need.

“While we all work hard every day and we remain dedicated to excellence in providing safe, reliable water service to our customers and returning clean water to the environment, it is gratifying to know that sometimes, we also go well beyond the call of normal duty to save a life when in a position to do so,” said Farr. “We appreciate and congratulate your quick thinking and decisive action in this incident.”


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