Unique Women’s Retreat Business Comes to Haymarket

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Provided by Women Helping Women (WHW) Retreats

Valerie Wills and Rae Roach of Women Helping Women Retreats

Valerie Wills and Rae Roach of Women Helping Women Retreats

Establishing a sustainable mind, body, spirit balance in today’s busy world can be challenging for everyone, but entrepreneurs Rae Roach and Valerie Willis saw a growing need among the women they know to periodically reconnect to themselves and each other in a more meaningful and energizing way than was currently available. PWL They decided to fill that gap with Women Helping Women Retreats.

On February 21, 2016 Women Helping Women (WHW) Retreats will host its inaugural event with a one-day retreat at Bull Run Mountain Civic Association Clubhouse, 1811 Ridge Road, Haymarket, VA from 9am-6pm titled “Manifesting Your Thoughts into Reality.” Featured presenters will be:

  • Gina Maybury, Intuitive Wellness Center, Burke, VA
  • Karen Lawrence, KL Creative Media, Staunton, VA
  • Beth Crowe, Healing Tree Retreat, Woodbridge, VA
  • Melanie Barron, Healing Tree Retreat, Woodbridge, VA
  • Robin Morris, Healing Tree Retreat, Woodbridge, VA

Tickets are $60 and can be purchased at www.whwretreats.com or by calling Rae Roach at (703) 200-2110. More details about presenters and their topics can be found on the WHW Retreats Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/womenhelpingwomenretreats).

WHW Retreats is a mobile, customizable event program of one and three day retreats designed to allow women to sample techniques and activities that aid in healing, the cultivation of inner peace, and the uncovering of one’s authentic self. Staffed by local experts in mind, body, and spirit practices, the retreats encourage participants to learn, network, and find support among like-minded women that can advance them along their chosen paths of self-awareness and self-development. Each retreat offers a theme-based grouping of sessions ranging from life coaching, to relaxation and self-actualization exercises, to therapeutic movement, art, writing and music, and energy work, just to name a few!

Based in Northern Virginia, WHW Retreats also has a business development aspect. Each retreat invites female entrepreneurs and practitioners within the local healing arts community to showcase their products and services during the event, and as well as connect with other business owners in attendance. The opportunity to directly market to potential customers in a meaningful setting as well as tap into the WHW Retreats network can be invaluable to small business owners in this field.

“It has been my experience that women benefit from having an extended period of time and a more intimate atmosphere in which to connect and create lasting relationships. Women entrepreneurs, especially those in the mind, body, spirit realm, have the opportunity to more effectively showcase their products and services and establish valuable partnerships when the amount of time is less constrained and the atmosphere is free of the typical distractions at networking events and product fairs,” said Rae Roach, WHW founder.

Roach and Willis bring an impressive combined set of skills in business management to the WHW Retreats endeavor, but more importantly, their passion for helping other women find their true potential with more ease and support than they had defines the core mission of the business. As working women and mothers, Rae and Valerie know what it means to juggle the demands many women face each day, and their aim with each retreat is to provide the tools and support system they believe is invaluable to a more peaceful, fulfilling life.

A schedule of future events and more information about creating a customized retreat in your area can be found at www.whwretreats.com and on Facebook.


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