Update on Construction on Route 1

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Provided by Prince William County

By the end of next summer, walking, biking and driving along U.S. 1 between Blackburn and Featherstone roads will be easier.u.s. 1 construction

Project Manager Sherif Bialy said the road project will include widening of that stretch of U.S.1 from four to six lanes in both directions. Adding a sidewalk on the east side of the road and an asphalt, multi-use path on the west side will also be included in the project.

Other benefits of the widening project include a reconfiguration of the intersection, where Dale Boulevard and Rippon Boulevard meet U.S. 1., to include three left-turn lanes from Dale Boulevard onto U.S. 1., and two turn lanes from Rippon Boulevard onto U.S. 1. The reconfiguration of the turn lanes along with the widening will improve traffic flow and help reduce commute times, Bialy said.

In addition to the sidewalk, the 10-foot asphalt path and extra lanes, the project will include burying the utility lines that currently run beside the highway, said Bialy. “All above ground utility cables will be placed in an underground duct bank, which has lots of benefits to the public. It will reduce vehicular crashes into poles and reduce negative impact of storms.”construction on u.s. 1

Another attribute the project will bring to U.S. 1 will be better looking concrete in the median, Bialy said. “Everywhere there are medians, we are trying to implement this stamped concrete. It looks like red bricks. It’s appealing to the public.”

According to Bialy, the project is 71 percent complete. Utility relocation is done. Work on the duct bank, or conduits to carry utilities underground, is finished. Sidewalk construction is ongoing, as is the asphalt trail. Grading work at various locations along the project’s route, as well as work on the medians, is underway.

For more information about transportation projects in the county, visit www.pwcgov.org/transportation


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