Video Contest Gives Seniors the Stage

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

Many in-person graduations were postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus. So U.S. Senator Tim Kaine sponsored the “Everybody’s the Graduation Speaker” video contest. Virginia’s graduating high school seniors were encouraged to submit a video of an original speech they would give at graduation.

In celebration of all the 2020 high school graduates, 50 speeches from those submitted were selected and one was posted every day for viewing on Facebook Page and website, from mid-May until early July.

On July 9, Kaine wrapped up the contest with a final post, listing all the winners. They have also been invited to join him in a virtual conference, where he will recognize and congratulate them personally.

Congratulations to these PWCS high school graduates, who are among the winners chosen:

Emon Green, graduating senior from Woodbridge High School.
Watch Emon’s speech, posted on June 14 on Senator Kaine’s website.

Julia Hyde, graduating senior from Battlefield High School.
Watch Julia’s speech, posted June 15 on Senator Kaine’s website.

Zoree Jones, graduating senior from Patriot High School.
Watch Zoree’s speech, posted on June 22 on Senator Kaine’s website.

Ryan Paul, graduating senior from Osbourn Park High School.
Watch Ryan’s speech, posted on July 7 on Senator Kaine’s website.

Valeria Vargas, graduating senior from Patriot High School.
Watch Valeria’s speech, posted May 23 on Senator Kaine’s website.

The following graduates from Potomac High School:

Shaddai Edwards
Asmira Garcia
Cyra Jamil
Braden Mack
Aaron Osei
Ivan Rodriguez
Tsion Teferri
Ben Thomas
Kyoka Trepka

Watch their speech, posted on June 28 on Senator Kaine’s website.


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