Virginia Chambers of Commerce 2020 Election Center LIVE

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Provided by Prince William Chamber of Commerce

The Prince William Chamber strives to be a resource for its members and the greater community. In order to provide access to knowledge for the community in the political realm, the Chamber worked with the Virginia Chamber of Commerce to form the Chambers of Commerce Roundtable in 2018.
The Chambers of Commerce Roundtable is a nonpartisan, issue education and election information organization. It is made up of representatives from the state, local and regional Chambers from all areas of the Commonwealth.
The Chambers of Commerce Election Center does not endorse candidates, nor does it tell citizens how to vote. Instead, this organization provides information to Virginia voters, to help them play a more active and informed role in government and the electoral process.
All members of Virginia’s business community are encouraged to visit the 2020 Election Center and register to vote by Tuesday, Oct. 13.

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