Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Horticulture Help Desk Available for Plant Questions

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Provided by Prince William County Office of Communication

Do you have brown patches in the lawn, deer browsing on your hostas, compacted soil or blossom end rot on your tomatoes?  Master Gardeners to the rescue!

The Virginia Cooperative Extension is a virtual and in-person resource that is available Monday through Friday, except on holidays.

Questions and concerns about plants, pests, and wildlife can be emailed to and a Master Gardener Volunteer will research your question and reply within one to two days.

You can also call the Horticulture Help Desk hotline, 703-792-7747, for help with questions about your garden.  Help Desk volunteers answer questions based on the latest scientific research so you can be sure you are getting answers that are accurate and not based on hearsay.

When problems cannot be diagnosed with photos via email, you can call our hotline to make an appointment to bring in samples of plants or pests to the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office, 8033 Ashton Ave, Manassas.


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