Virginia Cooperative Extension Offering Well Water Clinic

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Provided by Prince William County

Experts recommend that people with wells have their water tested annually to determine that their water is safe and free from bacteria and nitrates. Regular testing allows people to detect problems early.

At a kickoff meeting on March 27, between 7:00 p. m. and 8:30 p. m., Virginia Cooperative Extension, or VCE, experts will be at the Prince William County Board Chambers in the McCoart Government Center at 1 County Complex Court to hand out testing kits in cooperation with the Virginia Household Water Quality Program, which aims to improve the water quality of private water supplies. The testing kits cost $55; basic well testing kits can cost more than $250 elsewhere, according to VCE. Payment for the kits should be made by check or money order. Cash will not be accepted.

Once people get the kits, they will collect water samples and drop them off between 6:30 a. m. and 10:00 a. m. only on March 29 at the VCE offices at 8033 Ashton Ave., Suite 105, in Manassas. Samples will then be analyzed for iron, manganese, nitrate, lead, arsenic, fluoride, sulfate, pH, total dissolved solids, hardness, sodium, copper, total coliform bacteria and E. Coli bacteria.

On May 8, there will be a results interpretation meeting between 7:00 p. m. and 9:00 p. m. in the Board Chambers to explain the reports. The meeting will include discussions and answers to questions dealing with water problems.

Call 703-792-7747 or email to register for the meeting or if you cannot attend the meeting to find out how to pick up a test kit.


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