Virginia Stay-at-Home Order: Town of Occoquan

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Provided by the Town of Occoquan

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued a temporary stay at home order due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  The order directs all individuals to remain at their place of residence except as provided for in the order.
Acceptable reasons for leaving your residence are ones with which you are already likely familiar. For example,  obtaining food, seeking medical attention, taking care of others or animals, engaging in outdoor activity for fresh air and exercise, traveling to work, volunteering for charitable or social services, etc.  Restaurants are still permitted to offer carryout, pickup, and delivery. Nonessential businesses may still stay open provided they comply with the 10-person limitations. Individuals may engage in outdoor activity and exercise provided they practice the required social distancing.
The order specifically prohibits both public and private in-person gatherings of more than ten individuals, This includes parties, celebrations, and religious or other social events, whether they occur indoors or outdoors. Gathering of family members living in the same residence is allowed.  

How will this change things in the Town of Occoquan?

For the most part, people in Occoquan have already been complying for some time with what is in today’s order.  We would like everyone to pay particular attention to the following issues, consistent with the emphasis of the Governor’s issuance.  Our Town staff and police will be on the alert for activity that is not consistent with this guidance. They will take action as appropriate.
  1. Taking children outside for fresh air? Please exert particular care to not let the children walk, run, or bike into other couples or groups.  We know it is a difficult situation to manage children under these circumstances. Please take extra care not to let them inadvertently interact with others. And please note that bicycles are not allowed in River Mill Park and dogs are not allowed to be off leash.
  2. Getting carryout or takeout from a restaurant? Please do not hang out afterward in groups other than your family at a restaurant’s outdoor tables or patios.
  3. Please continue to exercise social distancing in all outdoor spaces. In particular, be conscientious at the Town Post Office.

Town Hall open for service

Town Hall remains open for service four days a week. If at all possible, please continue to do any necessary business by email, telephone, our website, or by dropbox.  Staff will provide service in Town Hall speaking through our closed service window to address questions if necessary. Staff will not be accepting documents at the service window. Residents will be directed to place them in the drop box or another location in Town Hall.
Occoquan residents, business owners, and visitors to date have been overwhelmingly conscientious, cooperative, and compassionate during the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We’re confident everyone will continue to be so.  Please stay healthy and safe.  If you wish to see the text of the Governor’s order, click here.

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